A film short written and directed by William Beutler, inspired by the lyrics and set to the music of “Chance (Dub)” by REM.

Pre-production work began in summer 2010 in Washington, DC. Principal photography occurred in December 2010 in Philadelphia, PA. The unnamed leads are portrayed by Brendan Keegan and Miranda Jalbert. The film’s cinematographer and editor is Cory Falk.

Miss You was completed in December 2014 and is being presented to film festivals. Its online premiere will occur in late 2015. For more information, please follow Miss You on Twitter and Facebook.

Special Thanks
SEPTA, Steve Powers, City of Philadelphia

Music Clearance
Denise Carver

“Chance (Dub)”
Written by William Berry, Michael Stipe,
Peter Buck & Michael Mills
Performed by R.E.M.

Miss You
© 2014